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The Better Change Team

Bent Myllerup

Managing Partner, Agile Coach

Bent´s primary focus is Leadership Coaching, Organisational Change and Agile Transformation Strategy.

  • Phone: +45 2834 9084
  • Email: bent.myllerup@betterchange.dk

Mogens Villadsen

Founding Partner, Agile Coach

Supporting the Agile journey of individuals, teams and organisations through hands-on involvement and training.

  • Phone: +45 2274 9830‬
  • Email: mogens.villadsen@betterchange.dk

Jakob Verner

Founding Partner, Agile Coach

An excellent trainer, facilitator, and coach supporting leaders, teams and organisations in making agile work hands-on.

  • Phone: ‭+45 2628 2407
  • Email: jakob.verner@betterchange.dk

Kirsten Pallesen

Office Manager, Training Coordinator

Kirsten is concerned about making everything work smoothly for your benefit.

  • Phone: +45 7027 7042
  • Email: kirsten.pallesen@betterchange.dk

Our Fellow Coaches

Heidi Reidel

Scrum Master and Agile Coach Works closely with or on agile teams to kickstart and support your agile journey and instil an agile mindset in your organisation.

  • Phone: ‭+45 2174 6580
  • Email: heidi.reidel@betterchange.dk

Dogan Gunes

I help organisations to achieve the shortest sustainable lead time to market by transformation road maps and growing needed skills based on Inspect & Adapt.

  • Phone: +45 7027 7042
  • Email: dogan.gunes@betterchange.dk