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The ideas behind Better Change

Established in 2020, Better Change benefits of years of experiences in making organisations innovative and competitive. Our founders were among the firsts who on an organisational level implemented agile approaches in Denmark, among the firsts in Europe who took Agile coaching to a professional level and among the firsts in the world who took agile approaches beyond software development.

With the birth of Better Change, the founders wanted to establish an Agile consultancy company with roots in Denmark and Danish culture, but also with a strong international outlook. Succeeding in a global world you must be able to bridge different cultures through mutual understandings, with a perspective of the greater benefit combined with the ability to act locally.

Providing Agile coaching is a diverse market with many players. It ranges from self-employed coaches with a few years of experience to the Big Five consulting firms who have seen a market opportunity in addition to their traditional areas. Better Change of course wants to own and defend our position in this market by providing high quality services to our customers. But we also want to collaborate by bringing together a fragmented community of individual coaches or smaller agencies as we serve our customers. By doing this, we hope generally to ensure high level of standards and code of conducts in the market.

Our Vision

In a world where complexity is increasing at an ever-accelerating rate and where new competitors, who can offer the same products and services at a cheaper price, regularly emerge, it is no longer enough just to have know-how. Every day, companies have to earn their place in the market, and therefore one of the primary parameters of competition in the future will be how quickly new knowledge can emerge.

Better Change is set into this world in response to these ever-tightening conditions. We help organisations become and remain innovative and competitive.

Our Mission

The greatest resource is the human potential and our mission is to set this potential free. We do this by helping our customers form the best possible environment for value creation and creativity in their organisations. In our experience, the most important parameters in this are innovation, leadership, culture and discipline.

We walk side by side with our customers on their journey, helping them to find their unique flavor of Agile by setting the right balance between challenging dogma and adapting to their context.

Our Values & Culture

We see our culture, including how we cooperate with our customers, as one of our most important competitive advantages.

We strive to be a working community that is characterised by inclusiveness, cooperation, credibility, accountability, curiosity and dialogue. We consider having different perspectives as a strength through which new and better ideas emerge.

We are professionally skilled, but at the same time have a pragmatic approach to our work. We also strive to create additional competencies for those we already have.

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