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We help companies becoming innovative and competitive by excellence and leadership in product discovery and agile approaches.

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We are among the pioneers. For over 10+ years we have build our own companies around Agile and helped others do it.


We help you deal with the uncertainty and complexity of Agile without making it overly simplified or rigid.


We support you in making your business grow. Agile is one of our means but never the purpose or goal.


We help you in building up your own capabilities of growing Agile in your organisation. You will be able of going on your own.


We help you role modeling a culture of maximising value, sustainability and taking responsibility.

Beyond software

We have done Agile in non-software setups for more than a decade. We master Agile in electronics and mechanics and can help you do the same.

Our Services

Beyond software

We have done Agile in non-software setups for more than a decade. We master Agile in electronics and mechanics and can help you do the same.

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Agile Transformation

Your organisation is unique and needs special treatment. We have the knowledge, the experiences and the toolbox for making it successfully happen.

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Agile Coaching

Self-organising and high-performing teams who are accountable for their commitment. Our coaches knows how to set up agile teams and make them rock.

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Leadership Coaching

As a leader you set the direction and the conditions. You also need to know when (and when not) to intervene. We help you decide.

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We have an intensive training program for team members, role players, leaders and anyone else. We offer internal trainings and public courses.

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Coach the Coach

We build up your internal coaching capabilities as a foundation for continuing the Agile journey. We offer this as private and public programs.

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Product Discovery

Nothing is worse than spending time on something nobody needs. We help you discover, design and develop products that your customers will love.

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Fellow Coach

Grow and work as an Agile coach? Do this by becoming one of our fellow coaches. You get access to our knowledge base and toolbox.

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Scaling Agile

We know the Scaling Agile frameworks and we help you scale with the best possible approach for your unique situation.

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About Our Company

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We are here to help you excel

We measure our success by your ability to be self-sustainable as an Agile organisation. Therefore we invest in bringing you and your colleagues to top level of expertise. Not two customers are the same, so we custom fit a tangible strategy for your endeavour of becoming innovative and competitive - and help you execute it.

Reliable and trustworthy

Honesty and respect are key values for us. You will not get any unpleasant surprises through our partnership. We respect that your organisation runs a business that must continue during the transformation. We respect that some circumstances simply cannot be changed and we respect that each individual person is unique and therefore must be treated as such.

Well Founded Approach

Our approach is practical and pragmatic, but based on science of the complexity in human behaviour and social interactions.

Certified Capabilities

We have the highest level of certifications in the business. We constantly improve our skills to ensure you professional services.

Highly Experienced

We have been implementing agile approaches since 2006 and personally filled every role from team member to manager in an agile context.

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